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If we agree to take your claim on “No Win, No Fee”, then that is exactly what we mean. We will not charge you unless or until we achieve a settlement. We will never pressure you to sign any Client Agreement until you fully understand the terms of the agreement and we encourage you to ask as many questions as you need to. In fact, we won’t accept any Client Agreement that has been signed in our presence – thereby allowing you the time and space you need to make an informed decision.

It is quite common for personal injury firms to charge an uplift fee on top of their usual professional fees, as compensation for having to wait for payment. Some law firms can charge uplift fees of up to 25%! However, at Stallion Lawyers we promise to never charge such an uplift fee, as we believe that our ordinary professional fees are sufficient and that uplift fees are unnecessary and outdated.


If you are located anywhere from Tweed Heads to North Brisbane we are more than happy to come to you for client meetings, at a place convenient to you (including your home or local café). If we meet at a café we will shout you a coffee at every meeting! For large claims we are also happy to travel to other areas of NSW and QLD, as required.


Charging legal fees on a percentage basis of the settlement is in fact illegal in Queensland for personal injury lawyers. Therefore, you can be confident that we will never take a set percentage of your settlement – we only charge for work actually performed on your file. There is also a 50/50 rule that ensures that even in smaller settlements, lawyers cannot charge more in fees than what the client ends up with in the hand. We are happy to discuss this in more detail with you as required.


Due to our extensive experience running personal injury claims, we are experts at assessing if you have a winning claim. We will therefore give you honest, upfront advice on whether your claim is worthwhile and we will only take on your claim if we believe it is worth both your time and ours. That way it is a Win, Win for everyone!

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"Great service, very professional and gave me more than I ever expected. Would highly recommend. Really care and go above and beyond to win your case."
Hardcore J
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"What an amazing organisation - Sarah and her team are exactly who you need in your corner when the very worst thing happens. They are caring, compassionate, will come to you if necessary and leave no stone unturned in settling your claim. The tenacity and experience they have when working through all types of claims - but especially Workcover claims is just wonderful. Highly recommend having a chat to them if you need a great personal injury lawyer."
Sharyn Watson
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"Great lawyer, fantastic advice."
TV Magic
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